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Yale Summer Session Abroad's Faculty Conversation Series is designed to offer on-going opportunities for YSS faculty to gather together to learn from each other's experiences running programs abroad, to raise any potential problems or questions with the Director and/or Dean, and more generally to form a cohort that works collectively to design and implement the highest-quality programs for students.  Topics for these discussions are determined by suggestions from the Director and from the faculty.  

The 2017-2018 topics, dates, and locations for these conversations will be posted in fall 2017, and any related materials from those meetings will be available here as well.  

2016-2017 Conversation Topics Covered:

• Faculty (on-line) Toolkit
The Study Abroad Team (and our tech wizard, Sam Cohen) will be working, with your input, to design an on-line portal for YSS abroad faculty.  The aim is for faculty to have in one place materials on: Running a Program, Conversation Series, Health & Safety, While Abroad, and general Resources.  We have the general architecture for this site already in place, so please come see a demo for feedback.  Conversations about this toolkit will broaden and continue through next term and beyond. 

• Achieving Robust Enrollments
Let’s share tips on how to get robust enrollments in programs.  We’ll talk about YSS’s advertising strategy as well as hear from faculty about what efforts have proven successful in raising student interest in participating in YSS programs abroad (such as an alumni/prospective applicant event). 

• Program Reports Overview
Many of you submitted program reports at the end of the summer.  In this meeting, I will summarize the feedback and lessons learned while soliciting from you any further insights from last summer.

• Prompting Students’ Critical Reflection / Overcoming Culture Shock
How do you prompt students to reflect critically on their learning and development throughout the program and after return?  Can this reflection or other approaches help students overcome culture shock (including reverse culture shock)?

• Outcomes Assessment
While reviewing some of the latest findings about student learning outcomes through YSS programs, let’s also discuss implementing a YSS Abroad Program Evaluation survey for students (separate from the course evaluation), building as much as possible on the evaluations already being gathered independently by some of our programs. 

• Integrating Course Objectives with Trips
How do we successfully integrate course objectives into program trips, excursions, and outings?  Let’s hear the success stories!

• Pre-Departure Planning
Strategies for providing impactful pre-departure meetings/resources for our students.  Let’s also discuss ways to revamp the faculty pre-departure meeting.

• Logistics (Phones, Health and Safety resources, etc.)
So many details, so little time!  Let’s discuss the “small” details that can add up to big headaches or success when running the program abroad.