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Requesting Vendor/Supplier Payment - to be updated for 2018

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Vendor Setup:

If the vendor has not been used before they must first be set up as a vendor with Yale before any payment can be processed. This can add five to seven business days to the transaction. Usually when a request is made for payment, all of the information we need is included on the invoice. To be sure there are no delays, here are the details required for the New Vendor form.

  • Vendor Legal Name:
    • Trade Name (“doing business as”) if applicable
  • Vendor Type (i.e. hotel, restaurant, ground transportation etc.)
  • Type of Organization:
    • Individual – US citizen or US permanent resident
    • Individual – Non-US citizen
    • Non-US Corporation
    • Non-US Partnership
    • Non-US Govt. Agency
  • Address:
  • Web address or email:

Wire Payment:

Yale will only wire payments internationally, not domestically. If the vendor requiring payment has an account in the U.S. and wants to receive payment there we can either set them up with direct deposit or request a check; both of these methods are discussed below.

Three items are required to complete a wire request: W-8BEN-E or W-8BEN, an invoice, and banking information.

  • W-8BEN-E is needed for a vendor who is an entity such as a restaurant or museum; a W-8BEN is needed for an individual who is completing a onetime service such as guest lecturing or on-site coordination. Both the W-8BEN-E and the W-8BEN are good for three years.
  • The invoice needs to clearly state what services are being offered in exchange for payment. Invoices that only have statements such as “Services Rendered” will not be accepted by Accounts Payable.
  • Below is all of the banking information needed in order for the Treasury Office to process the wire.
    • Bank Name:
    • Bank Address, including country:
    • ABA or Swift Number:
    • Bank Account Number (IBAN required for Europe):

Direct Deposit (known at Yale as ACH/EFT):

If a vendor has a U.S. bank account and wants the funds deposited to that account it can be done with an ACH/EFT form that needs to be completed and signed by the vendor, along with an invoice, which clearly states what the payment is for. As with the vendor setup the ACH/EFT form only needs to be completed once, unless there is an account change in the future. If the vendor is an international entity a W-BEN-E or an individual a W-8BEN will also be required (these forms are not required if the vendor is a US entity or individual operating abroad).

The information needed on the ACH/EFT form are:

  • Name of Company  or Individual:
  • Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • Email:
  • TIN/EIN ID number or SSN:
  • Bank Name:
  • Bank Number:
  • Type of Account:
  • Account Number:
  • Routing Number:

Check Request:

Just as with a wire or direct deposit payment, an invoice, which clearly states the reason for the payment is needed and the address to where the check should be mailed.

Links to the tax forms W-8BEN-E and W-8BEN