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Out-of-Country Medical Coverage

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As part of the International SOS Travel Assistance plan, students, faculty, and staff have coverage for up to $250,000 in out-of-country medical expenses for treatment for accidents or sicknesses that occur while traveling. This coverage includes 14 days of personal travel deviation. If you extend your trip beyond your program dates (either before or after), this coverage will still apply up to a maximum of 14 days.

ISOS is not a comprehensive health insurance plan and cannot cover routine costs.

Note:Out-of-country medical coverage does not apply to travel for 100% pleasure purposes (e.g., vacation), but evacuation and assistance services are still covered at all times.

Out-of-country medical coverage also does not apply to treatment rendered in the United States.

If you are seeking additional health insurance coverage, visit the Yale International Toolkit.

To contact ISOS for assistance:
  • By phone:
    • Call the in-country numbers listed on the ISOS card or call the dedicated Yale ISOS phone number 1-215-942-8478. You may ask the operator to reverse the charges.
    • Have the Yale member number ready when you call: 11B824535. This number can also be found on your ISOS card.
  • Via the ISOS Assistance App.
  • When in doubt, contact ISOS. They are happy to help with your inquiry and will direct you as necessary.
Before you go:
  • Download, print, and carry your ISOS membership card. Be sure to keep it with you while you travel.
  • Save a picture of the ISOS card in your Google Drive or on the phone/device you will take abroad.
  • Download the ISOS Assistance App.
  • Contact ISOS to discuss any health or security concerns related to your destination. 

Link: International SOS Assistance

International SOS ID Card

International SOS Assistance App